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Norton AntiSpam is a powerful filter unit of junk mail. It offers comfort and efficiency, Norton AntiSpam is a PC application with a powerful engine of filter against Spam messages, or junk mail that are so harmful when you need to check the messages received.

This system incorporates in your messaging client some buttons that are very practical when it comes to administer all those junk mails.

Besides, it has a very useful tool, like importing your contact list and keep it in a list of not admitted to receive those mails without the need to filter them.

Norton AntiSpam works with any POP3 email program and automatically detects and flags spam as it arrives in your inbox and moves it into a special Spam folder, from where you can restore or delete any message. The program works directly on the TCP/IP level and does not reuqire you to change any settings in your email program. Norton AntiSpam can automatically learn from your email behaviour and will detect a high percentage of spam immediately after installation. You can also manually add new rules or add people to a never-block list to customize the spam filtering actions.


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